Proprietary Technology

Most of our technology is used in-house, ensuring our state-of-art ecosystem utilizes the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies to track, analyze, saw, cut, laser, and polish our diamonds.


HB Blueprint holds the patent on grain-independent polishing. This revolutionary, fully automated polishing technique is ultra-fast (20 to 30 times faster than traditional polishing), safe and versatile.

The Droid is the 3rd version of this automated polishing robot launched in 2018 as ‘Fenix.’


Our HyperLoupe system further refines the planning process, raising it to a new level of accuracy, precision, and efficiency, enabling us to unlock additional value. This proprietary technology allows HB artisans to explore and analyze the inside of the world’s largest diamonds.

Armed with this innovative technology, even the largest, most complicated diamonds can be cut, taking a highly individualized approach according to a client’s wishes.


A stereo microscope focused on diamond grading and observation. This device is used from the rough stage to the final polished stage.

The Signifeye’s features include a dark field LED light, a vacuum pump holder with X and Y manipulation, a special Avalon light for visualization of the facet quality, and a polarisation option for tension.

HB Capsule

The HB Capsule is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that travels with the diamond, using blockchain technology and data analytics to track every stage of a natural diamond’s journey, from its birth to the atelier until it’s sold to an end consumer.

The HB capsule is a scalable solution for tracking each diamond to ensure governments get compensated fairly based on the polished price of a stone.

Technology for the market

We have 45 years of experience in developing diamond equipment and technology. A lot of this equipment became a standard in manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Many of these developments – which span the entire chain from rough to polished, including measurement, evaluation, and processing – are publicly available and can be ordered via our webshop.

Our Developments


All products in the Avalon Family make it possible to check the smoothness of a facet while the diamond is still in the tang.


The classical measurement systems for measuring the proportions of polished stones all use a projection of the profile (shadow method) to scan the diamond.


A perfect alignment of all polishing equipment is needed or can be very helpful in realizing a perfectly cut Triple Excellent diamond.

EOS Fancy

The EOS bruting principle was a revolutionary step forward in the diamond industry. EOS has stayed one step ahead of the competition by being the first machine on the market to use this principle.

M-Screen Ultra

The M-Screen Ultra is a superfast, high-tech, automated screening device developed primarily for large amounts of melee diamonds.