A perfect alignment of all polishing equipment is needed or can be very helpful in realizing a perfectly cut Triple Excellent diamond. Morgana is the solution to reach this ideal alignment. Using a set of parallel light beams and cameras, every measurement you need can be done very accurately (±0.01°). The intuitive software with clear instructions helps you get through the process quickly and easily.

Morgana helps the polisher to

  • Align the tang plate on the mill according to the scaif
  • Align facets to the scaif
  • Align the grain axis perpendicular to the scaif
  • Tilt the facet very accurately at a predetermined angle
  • Check the setting of the stone in the pot
  • Check & set the angular scale of the tang


This device can accurately measure the angles of every facet of a stone in the tang. Having an angle measurement accuracy of ±0.02° and many possible functions, OptiGon allows for excellent polishing optimization for every situation. Do you want to polish it as symmetrically as possible? Do you want to polish slightly asymmetrically to optimize weight? Check the alignment of your table in the pot and avoid a lot of readjusting later on. Enabling you to check every facet very accurately allows you to polish precisely as planned, saving time, weight, and money.

OptiGon can assist in many measurements: Crown facet – Table / Pavilion facet – Table / Position of the diamond table in the pot / Pavilion facet – girdle on fancy shape / relative index angles, and much more. On top of taking accurate measurements, it can help you adjust the angle to the desired one, saving even more time and guaranteeing an accurate result.

Why OptiGon?

All facets

Measure & correct all crown, pavilion, and girdle angles
while the stone is in the tang

All shapes

Besides round stones, fancy is no problem either

Angle accuracy of ±0.02°

Highest accuracy on the market

Crown facet – Table

Pavilion facet – Table

Pavilion facet – Girdle on Fancy shape

Position of Table in Pot


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