Proportions, Polish & Symmetry

The complete Cut (Proportions, Polish & Symmetry) can be graded with Reflex. Inclination and index angles can be measured with accuracies up to ±0.02°. The depth of the facets can be measured with submicron accuracy. This means symmetry can be graded based on these measurements. This all is applicable to round shapes as well as fancy shapes. Generate the complete 3D model, girdle included, and precisely know your stone’s proportions and symmetry. An Avalon is even integrated to grade your polish so that you can see your polish lines on the facets in the 3D model of your stone.


Individual inclination angles


Individual index angles


Average inclination for facet group

0.10 ct – 40 ct

Range of round stones possible for complete measurement

Difference in accuracy

By simulating the Hearts and Arrows pattern on Reflex and a different commercial scanner, the difference in accuracy can be seen clearly.